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Applied Behavioral Analysis

Home and center-based behavior intervention helps children develop skills necessary for functional living.

Social Skills

Children obtain skill mastery in all levels of social functioning, including interactions with peers and within natural environments.

Community Integration

Our goal is to provide youth and adolescents with opportunities to live, work, and serve as active members of their communities.

Supported Living Services

Adults are supported in establishing and maintaining safe, stable, and independent living arrangements.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving the quality of life of individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities using expert recommendations, individualized programs, and quality customer service. We target treatment outcomes to improve skill acquisition, foster independence, and create socially significant changes for every individual and family dynamic.

Vision Statement

All individuals with developmental disabilities will have easy access to behavioral support, community inclusion, and supported living programs. We will introduce a variety of adequate services to members of the population and provide support across multicultural communities nationwide.