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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

The focus of home-based behavior intervention is to assist clients in developing skills necessary for functional living. 

Social Skills

Skill programs are for clients to obtain skill mastery in all levels of social functioning, including interactions with the environment.

Community Integration

Our goal is to provide youth and adolescents with opportunities to live, work, and co-exist seamlessly within the community.

Our Mission

Positive Behavior Steps is dedicated and committed to improving the quality of life of individuals with developmental and mental health disabilities by integrating them into their communities through the process of teaching them life skills and positive behaviors.

Vision Statement

We hope that one day all individuals with mental health disorders and developmental disabilities will have easy access to behavioral support and community inclusion programs. We plan to achieve this by introducing and providing a variety of services to members of the population and by expanding our business to provide support services nationwide to multicultural and multilingual communities.

Positive Behavior Steps Corporation is dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities through the application of applied behavior analysis principles and community inclusion practices