Our Mission

Positive Behavior Steps is dedicated and committed to improving the quality of life of individuals with developmental and mental health disabilities by integrating them into their communities through the process of teaching them life skills and positive behaviors.

Vision Statement

Positive Behavior Steps vision is that one day all individuals with mental health disorders or developmental disabilities will have easily accessible behavioral programs to help their loved ones become active members in society. We hope to achieve this vision by expanding our services nationwide to multicultural and multilingual communities.

Positive Behavior Steps is committed to help persons with developmental disabilities through the application of principals based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The purpose is to teach persons the skills necessary to be independent and be full participant in our communities.

Positive Behavior Steps is focused on utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in every setting where the person interacts with others. The goal is to teach functional skills to assist a person at home, school, and community.

Positive Behaviors Steps uses methods based on research.