Regional Center

Positive Behavior Steps Corporation works very closely with Regional Centers in Los Angeles Counties. Regional Centers are state funded non-profit organizations to assist persons with developmental disabilities with services to support them to live functional and independent lives.

Positive Behavior Steps is currently providing the following services through the Regional Center:

– Community Integration
– Supporting Living Services

Community Integration (CI)

Community Integration refers to a Regional Center program where persons with disabilities can live, work, and play in the same places as people without disabilities. They live in the same communities as everyone. They are an important and integral part of our communities.

The main Principle of Community Integration is community inclusion. The inclusion concept refers to individual with disabilities live a normal life like everyone else in their community. They can form part of the same culture of their community. They can have lasting relationships with others in their community. They can have a job like everyone else in their community. They can decide what they want to do in their community. They can make choices in life in their daily routines, education, employment, leisure, relationship, and personal future.

As a service provider, Positive Behavior Steps support our consumers to be integrated through our program that have been designed and tailored to the individual needs of our consumers. The program is designed to assist our consumers to be active participants of their community including helping them to get opportunities get employment. The goal is pursue independence through a well thought out functional plan.

Supported Living Services (SLS)

Supporting Living Services (SLS) refers to a Regional Center Program who provides support to persons with developmental disabilities who want to live in their own home.

The goal of SLS is based on what the State has established in the Lanterman Act:

  • Consumers shall be supported in living arrangements which are typical of those in which persons without disabilities reside.
  • The services or supports that a consumer receives shall change as his or her needs change without the consumer having to move elsewhere.
  • The consumer's preference shall guide his decisions concerning where and with whom he or she lives
  • Consumers shall have control over the environment within their own home
  • The purpose of furnishing services and supports to a consumer shall be to assist that individual to exercise choice in his or her life while building critical and durable relationships.
  • The services or supports shall be flexible and tailored to a consumer's needs and preferences.
  • Services and supports are most effective when furnished where a person lives and within the context of his or day to day activities.
  • Consumers shall not be excluded from supported living arrangements based solely on the nature and severity of their disabilities.

Positive Behavior Steps has developed a program for adults with developmental disabilities who want to live independently. We have adopted the Supporting Living Principles:

A home of One's Own

Choice and Self Directed


Community Membership

Flexible, Tailored Services and Supports