About Us

Positive Behavior Steps was formed in response to help our communities. In the field of developmental disabilities, persons with developmental disabilities or mental health are affected in the ability to gain access to the resources in the community to live independently. In other cases, families are overwhelmed with the tremendous responsibility of raising a child with limited skills.

As an organization, we strongly believe that everyone who has a developmental disability or mental health is part of our community and can be an active participant.

We advocate for our consumers and their families to have access to the same resources and opportunities that everyone else have.

We believe in the State of California Employment First Policy. Everyone have the right to have employment despite of their functioning level. We advocate for the rights of our clients and consumers.

We do not believe in cookie cutter program or cut and paste programs. Our programs are truly individualized according to the needs of our consumers.

Positive Behavior Steps is an organization that truly want to help clients/consumers and their family to be successful through our services.